STAMFORD - One local museum and nature center is busy producing gallons of maple syrup. 

Tucked behind the Stamford Museum and Nature Center is the Maple Sugarhouse, where experts start production each February.

Education director and maple syrup expert Will Kies says that they are about two weeks late this year with syrup production due to the cold winter. 

To make the syrup they have taps, known as spiels, on 200 trees in the area. As the weather gets warmer at the end of the winter, sap will drip out of the tree and be collected. 

The sap then gets boiled. When making pure maple syrup, no other ingredient is added. 

Once most of the water in the sap is boiled off, the syrup turns a brown color and takes shape. It takes about 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup. 

Last weekend, 700 gallons of sap was collected, which will make about 17 gallons of maple syrup. 

The Maple Sugar Festival at the Stamford Museum and Nature Center is this Saturday and Sunday.