STAMFORD - As estimates say over 1,000 protesters have been killed in Libya since the start of last month's uprising, Muslims in Connecticut hope for both the fall of Col. Moammar Ghadaffi and the establishment of democracy in the region.

At a mosque in Stamford, many worshippers said they were in favor of democracy in Libya, and agreed that Col. Ghadaffi's addiction to power has gone too far.

"He has been in power for too long and he doesn't know how not to be without power," said one worshipper.

While the reports of the amount of protesters killed has been "horrendous," as one put it, they believe the violence will have been worth it if it means freedom for Libyans from Col. Ghadaffi's regime.

"Whether it's 6,000 people that are killed or six people, I feel like for that to happen in vain, that's what would happen if democracy didn't end up happening in Libya," said another worshipper.