A Stamford native has two very different passions that it turns out, have much more in common than you might think. 

Jim Chillington oversees his roofing crew on top of Saint John's Church in Stamford. Chillington has made a living roofing for the last three decades. He says he started living 20 years ago, though, when he added a new tool to his toolbox -- a painting knife.

Once his roofing crews are set on the site, Chillington and his painting partner head out to find the perfect cityscape to paint on canvas.

Chillington says painting is a passion that first started while he was roofing clients' homes. He says he would sketch pictures to try and communicate to the homeowner what the problems were.  

With little to no training, he decided to trade a new roof for some art instruction. 

"In New Canaan Silver Mine Arts Center 15-20 years ago, they needed some roofing. I said, 'why don't I just trade some art lessons?' and I started to take some art lessons there," Chillington says.

One of his paintings is on display at Original Pappas Pizza in downtown Stamford.