STAMFORD - Stamford native Tyrsa Fawn Pratcher is about to release her second book, a collection of poetry inspired by her service as a member of the U.S. Marines.

Pratcher, a lifelong writer, says she utilized her passion to help cope with boot camp.

?You need an outlet and my writing was an outlet,? says Pratcher.

After four years of service, she was discharged and returned to civilian life as a student at the University of Connecticut. Pratcher says she was called back to duty not long after her discharge due to the Gulf War.

Pratcher says she has a deep understanding of what young soldiers are experiencing based on her own past. By opening up and expressing her own feelings through poetry, she hopes to inspire others.

?If it doesn't touch me, it won't touch you,? says Pratcher.

The book, ?Broken in Pieces,? is set to be released soon.

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