STAMFORD - More than a dozen upset Stamford residents met with the mayor to talk about the possibility of a medical marijuana dispensary in their backyard.

The site at 46 Magee Ave. is blocks away from the Shippan section of Stamford. During Mayor David Martin's second one-on-one sit-down with residents on Monday night, he heard from those who fear that there isn't enough parking and it isn't the right fit for the neighborhood.

The dispensary was approved by the city zoning board last year before the board voted to put a moratorium on medical marijuana permits for one year.

Now, the city says the dispensary is trying to get approval from the state.

At the end of the meeting, the mayor said there is little he can do right now since this permit went through during the previous administration.

There was no word on when or if this site will be approved by the state to sell the pot for medicinal purposes.