STAMFORD - The Stamford police officer who was seriously hurt while chasing a suspect along I-95 last month is speaking publicly for the first time.

Officer Troy Stauser says he cannot believe he is alive to tell his story. Last month, Strauser fell 20 feet off a bridge abutment in Norwalk, following a chase that started in Stamford.

He says he does not remember the actual fall, but woke up in a pool of blood.

"As I did looked down, I saw a pool of blood and I started to feel a sharp pain in my stomach and intestinal area and I went down onto one knee and I looked down and saw large amounts of blood again coming out.?

Strauser says his wife was told he might not survive. He had extensive internal injuries and lost a portion of his nose in the fall, then spent eight days in intensive care.

He says he still has a long recovery ahead and hopes to one day return to the Stamford police force.