STAMFORD - A Stamford lawmaker is calling for an investigation into the water company's response to the drought.

Stamford Rep. John Zelinsky wants to determine why it took Aquarion Water Company the amount of time it did to respond to a public water supply emergency. Zelinsky says he saw how low the reservoir levels were back in November 2015, but adds the water company did nothing.

The state Department of Health declared a public water supply emergency last month for Darien, Stamford, New Canaan and Greenwich. That allowed Aquarion to divert water to those four areas.

Bruce Silverstone, a spokesperson for Aquarion, says the company actually acted early by issuing a voluntary water ban in July. Silverstone says water levels are often replaced during the winter months as a result of snow and rain. He added that the company follows water and reservoir models and issues restrictions after certain triggers are reached.

Zelinsky says he wants members from Aquarion to attend a Public Safety and Health Committee meeting during the coming weeks to explain why the company had such a delayed response.