STAMFORD - Stamford officials say they are prepared to shut down work at the Trump Parc Condominiums unless the construction site meets their safety requirements by Thursday afternoon.

The statement comes hours after another piece of debris fell from the 36-story condo building Wednesday morning. The piece of metal smashed a window at the UConn Stamford campus, across the street, leaving pedestrians wary.

"There's a crosswalk here. After the second incident that occurred here, I no longer use that crosswalk," says Dr. Michael Ego, UConn Stamford associate vice provost.

The incident is the third since May at the site, located at Washington and Broad streets. Last month, a piece of cable fell from the 29th floor, breaking a car window. In May, a 10-pound piece of metal fell 25 stories, injuring a deliveryman.

?We've been working with the construction company throughout the process to ensure that they work in a way that is protective of public safety,? says Stamford Director of Operations Ben Barnes. ?This is clearly an example of where they've failed to do that.?

Barnes says construction at the site will be stopped unless all safety precautions are taken, the upper floors of the condo cleaned and all the netting and safety equipment put in place in an appropriate manner throughout the building by 3 p.m. Thursday.

?They are on a progressively shorter leash, and the leash is very short right now,? Barnes says.