STAMFORD - Parents at Davenport Ridge Elementary School in Stamford are calling on the district to tackle the problem of overcrowding on school buses. Kristy Hafez, whose two children take the school bus, says sometimes there are three or four kids to a seat. "I just couldn't believe there were really that many kids on the bus," she says. Hafez says she and other parents have contacted the district about their bus concerns, but there has been no response. Stamford School District officials say they are aware of the problem. They add that the average number of kids on Bus 159 is in the mid-60s, below the maximum capacity of 72. The district's transportation director says they're looking into a solution, such as moving one bus stop, or five to seven kids, to a less-crowded bus in the coming weeks.It would still mean most children would have to sit three to a seat, which parents say is excessive.