STAMFORD - The Stamford Police Association will hold a fundraising event Tuesday in support of a veteran sergeant recently diagnosed with cancer.

Sgt. Terri Vitti, a 28-year veteran of the Stamford Police Department, was recently diagnosed with stage 4 lung, brain and bone cancer.

Stamford officers, including her husband Mark Vitti, say the department always rises to the occasion to help one of their own.

“People want to get together for her because she's such a great person,” said Vitti.

The event will be held at Zodie’s 19th Hole located at 451 Stillwater Ave. in Stamford.

The benefit will feature live music, drinks and food. All proceeds will help Vitti during her recovery process.

To make a contribution or for more information, contact officer David Rodriguez at 203-223-3043 or officer Ryan McAllister at 203-515-1830.