STAMFORD - A Stamford-based after-school tutoring program is gaining attention for its approach of giving students a leg up in the classroom.

School officials say the peer-to-peer sessions are part of a program called Beyond Limits. They say the program saw a large expansion in the past year.

Organizers say high school seniors and juniors work with younger students, mainly on science and math.

They say the students who attend the program vary from ones who are just coming for additional support and confidence to students that are struggling.

Organizers say the Beyond Limits program is run by the Stamford Peace basketball program and was initially a way to help players succeed off the court. They say it now caters to all types of students due to its success.

The founders of the program say their goal is to level the playing field and give every student the opportunity to succeed.

The sessions at Beyond Limits are subsidized and cost the students $4 to $15.