STAMFORD - Two men from New York have been accused of stealing hundreds of gallons of discarded grease from Stamford restaurants. Police say Claudio Gomez, 29, of Brooklyn, and Freddie Sanchez, 29, of Queens, were arrested at around 3:45 a.m. outside a deli on Summer Street. Officers say they spotted their truck, which was outfitted with a gas pump, siphon and a 1,200-gallon tank the men were allegedly using to store the grease. Authorities say grease-stealing operations can take in large amounts of money in a short period of time. "The value for the contents of this truck, if it was full, is over $2,500," says Stamford Police Sgt. Andrew Gallagher. "So you do that a couple nights a week, and you're making real money." A similar crew targeting grease was arrested in October, and police are looking for at least two more in the area.