STAMFORD - Stamford police and local officials are teaming up to put a stop to a rash of teen violence that they say is escalating in the city.

The decision comes after police arrested three suspects that they believe are responsible for a drive-by shooting at a Stamford townhouse late Wednesday night.

Police believe Erick Gonzalez, 17, and two others took part in the shooting and then led police on a wild chase through the city that ended when the suspects' car crashed.

Authorities say they found a 12-gauge shotgun in the car along with the three suspects. They say the shooting is the result of rival groups feuding throughout the city.

Investigators believe the violence started with an assault at Stamford Academy on Tuesday.

Officials say that they plan to reach out to kids within Stamford schools to try and stop the violence before it begins.

4 teens arrested at Stamford Academy