STAMFORD - Stamford police say a man stalked a woman and sexually assaulted her behind a Sheraton hotel.

Officials say that the attack occurred before 8 p.m. Tuesday when it was still light out. Police say it is highly unusual for a sexual predator to attack when it is light out.

They say the victim was walking along Broad Street when the suspect grabbed her and dragged her into a secluded area behind the Sheraton.

Police say the assailant then fondled her and tried to further sexually assault her. She screamed, fought back and managed to get free.

Lt. Diedrich Hohn said that since there are no surveillance cameras behind the hotel, police need the public's help in identifying the suspect.

"We're hoping that maybe someone saw something, either someone grabbing her and bringing her here or seeing him running down the street. Like I said, he was a Hispanic male, mid-20s, hat on backwards, checkered shorts, white T-shirt," he said.