STAMFORD - Stamford police have released documents and 911 calls from previous local incidents involving Miriam Carey, the woman fatally shot in Washington, D.C. earlier this month.

Carey's boyfriend called the police on her back in December, reporting a domestic situation and saying she needed help. Carey's family says she suffered from postpartum depression with psychosis after having her daughter last year.

Police who responded to the call say Carey refused to calm down and tried to kick an officer. The report also says she stated she was a "prophet of Stamford" and had direct contact with President Barack Obama. She told police her home was under electronic surveillance.

Carey, who worked as a dental hygienist, was fatally shot after police say she rammed her car into gates at the White House, before taking off and leading police on a chase. Her daughter was in the car with her at the time, but wasn't hurt in the incident.