STAMFORD - A Stamford Urban Redevelopment Commission worker was named in a federal indictment for allegedly steering more than $1 million to a close friend at her former job.

Prosecutors say the charges against Constance Gerrie Post do not have to do with her work in Stamford. The federal indictment stems from Post?s former job as a planning commissioner in Mount Vernon, N.Y. Post is accused of steering more than $1 million in no-bid contracts to a close friend, Wayne Charles. Prosecutors say Post gave Charles loans that would not have to be repaid and were not entered into Mount Vernon?s records.

The Stamford Urban Redevelopment Commission is a separate entity from the city. However, its five commissioners are appointed by the mayor. The commission?s attorney says, ?None of our projects involve Wayne Charles. We are subject to outside audits. But due to the accusations stemming from Mount Vernon, we will review our records again.?

Post is still working in Stamford, however, the commission is not allowing her to make any decisions involving public funds. The commission?s attorney says it will hold a special meeting next week to consider Post?s future with the organization.