STAMFORD - Students at WestHill High School in Stamford got a first-hand look at how our judicial system works when Connecticut's appellate court set up shop in their school's auditorium.

The appellate court's "On Circuit" education program, which started 15 years ago, gives residents a deeper understanding of how the judicial system works by allowing students and other members of the community to see various oral arguments, as well as learn more about the judicial process in their own hometown

The Stamford students were given a crash course in both civil and criminal law, and got to hear arguments in each case.

Both cases left inquisitive students with lots of questions to ask in the Q-and-A session that followed.

A former alumni of WestHill High School, Judge Richard Robinson, said he jumped at the opportunity to come back to the school, and added that he hoped his presence showed students they can do anything they want when they grow up, as long as they work toward it.