STAMFORD - Parents in Stamford got a scare Thursday night after a bus was more than three hours late to drop their children off from school.

News 12 Connecticut's John Craven spoke with a mother whose 8-year-old daughter was stuck on the school bus for more than three hours in Stamford. 

Paula Barroso says she was so worried about her daughter Isabella that she called Stamford police. She says Isabella came home around 8-8:30 p.m. via a police car. Barroso added that she also contacted the bus company, but could not get an answer as to where her daughter was.

The Stamford school district says not only did the original bus driver get lost, but a relief driver also got lost. They both work for a private contractor called First Student.

Police confirm there were four kids on the bus and all of them were OK.

District officials say they are reviewing the situation and apologized to the families.