STAMFORD - Officials unveiled Wednesday a multimillion-dollar proposal aimed at preventing flooding in Stamford's South End.

Construction in the area has been booming, but the new luxury condos are at risk due to an outdated flood protection system, officials say.

The city says developers have poured almost $4 billion into the area, where waterfront properties have scenic views of the Long Island Sound. But a small pump station on Dyke Lane needs several million dollars in upgrades, officials say.

The Dyke Lane Pump Station was built in 1968, according to Michael Handler, of Stamford Water Pollution Control, and its five stormwater pumps keep the entire area above water during extreme weather.

"It's been in critical need of repair," Handler says.

Stamford leaders will soon vote on a measure that would allow the city to borrow $2 million to make upgrades. Federal funds for the project amount to nearly $1 million more.

"It's one of those things that when it works, nobody notices, but when it doesn't work, it's very important," Handler says.

Similar pumps failed in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.