STAMFORD - A Stamford woman was charged Friday with the murder of her newborn son after police say she put him in a plastic bag, stabbed him and then disposed of the body in a dumpster behind her home on Henry Street.

Detectives say Angelina Sarmiento, 25, gave birth to the baby at her home Wednesday morning. Police say it is possible her husband did not want another child. The couple has three children who live with her relatives in Honduras and is struggling financially.

Investigators say that Sarmiento and her husband are illegal immigrants who have been living in Stamford for four years. Police say the father was not present when Sarmiento killed the baby.

Sarmiento is being held on $1 million bond and an immigration detainer. She will be back in court on Nov. 4.

An autopsy revealed the baby died of suffocation.

Policeinvestigate dead newborn in Stamford