WESTPORT - Westport police say they found themselves in a tense standoff after responding to a minor civil dispute Monday morning.

Police say they found the residents of the home on Richmondville Avenue in the driveway upon arrival.

Police say Kyle and Carrie Owen then went into their home where their child was and wouldn't allow officers to enter. They say Kyle then came to the door with a hatchet and refused to come outside.

Police say they immediately set up a perimeter around the house and evacuated neighbors.

They say tactical officers and negotiators arrived about two hours later and were able to get the couple to come outside after speaking to Carrie by phone.

They say both husband and wife are now in custody.

"They just refused to come out," says Lt. David Farrell. "There was a lot of yelling and screaming at the officers who were on the perimeter. Really a scary scene for Richmondville Avenue."

Police say no one was hurt in the standoff and they are still trying to determine what started the incident.