GREENWICH - The Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles on Tuesday began its annual three-day crackdown on bus and truck safety inspections.

DMV inspector Tom Bendernagel says 67 inspectors are working to keep unsafe trucks off state roads. When a truck is stopped, inspectors check over the truck, under it and inside, looking over every lug nut along the way.

"When I do this initial walk-around, I'm checking for springs, making sure they're not cracked or broken," Bendernagel says. "Also checking the inner tires - make sure the tread is good."

The inspections last about 45 minutes and can cost about $333 per ticket.

Trucks deemed to be not up to standards are forced off the road to fix their tires, brakes or whatever else needs replacing. Truckers would sometimes have to wait for other drivers to come by to offload their extra cargo.