NORWALK - The New Jersey Transit crash Thursday in Hoboken led state and federal lawmakers from Connecticut to renew their calls for tougher safety standards for trains.

The train crash killed one person and injured more than 100.

State Sen. Tony Hwang, who represents the Fairfield area, says it's time to implement additional safety measures for trains, including the so-called positive train control technology. The technology senses when a train is approaching a turn rapidly or when it has the possibility of a collision and slows it down.

Authorities have not said if such a system would have prevented Thursday's crash in New Jersey.

Hwang says Metro-North has agreed to implement the positive train control technology by 2018, but he is now writing a letter to Metro-North's president to encourage swifter action.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal is asking congressional lawmakers to approve a bill that would provide nearly $200 million in federal funding for improved train safety.