HARTFORD - In a 3-2 vote, the Connecticut Supreme Court ruled that the state's death penalty was unconstitutional Thursday.

In 2012, the state passed a law that banned the death penalty on future crimes, but that law did not protect the 11 inmates already on death row.

Those convicts will now automatically have their sentences changed to life in prison.

The family members of Kylie Flannery, 9, and her mother, Holly say they're angry about the ruling. The Bridgeport residents were gunned down on a street nine years ago. 

Richard Roszkowski was sentenced to death in their slaying. He and 10 inmates on death row will now be spared after the court ruled that the death penalty "offends our state's evolving standards of decency."

Legal experts say the chances of Roszkowski actually being executed were already slim. 

In the past 54 years, Connecticut has only executed two criminals, and they both volunteered to die.

Other death row inmates include the Cheshire home invasion killers Steven Hayes and Joshua Komisarjevsky.