BRIGDEPORT - A state judge has ordered Bridgeport Superintendent Paul Vallas to be removed from his office, according to officials.

The court ruled that Vallas failed to complete a school leadership program required by state law while he attended the University of Connecticut.

A judge found that Vallas had unlawful possession of the title because of a state statute that sets forth the requirements that people must meet in order to be superintendent of schools.

The judge ruled that a three-credit independent study Vallas took at the University of Connecticut would not satisfy those requirements.

While the state had approved the course, the judge found that the course that had been approved was not exactly what Vallas studied.

Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch, a champion of Vallas’ record, says he is very disappointed with the decision and adds that the city is ready to appeal it.

In a statement, Vallas said that he will "focus on improving schools for students desperately in need of a better education." He added that the district should also remain focused on this goal.