NORWALK - The Connecticut delegation to Congress announced plans to call for the immediate regulation of e-cigarettes.

Though they have been advertised as a way to quit smoking, the FDA says that the devices are increasingly being marketed toward children.

“These promotions to children are dangerous. The president should stop them,” said Sen. Richard Blumenthal. “I'm asking him to issue restrictions on the marketing of these products to kids who think they're harmless.”

E-cigarettes serve as a nicotine delivery device, which vaporizes liquid containing the drug. They have become popular by offering smokers an experience that does not involve tar or additives found in cigarettes. Critics say the nicotine levels in e-cigarettes are enough to get younger smokers to buy the real thing.

State lawmakers say that regardless of whether e-cigarettes are helpful or harmful, they need to be regulated. Sen. Blumenthal says he will join Sen. Chris Murphy and Rep. Rosa DeLauro Monday in calling for the immediate federal regulation of e-cigarettes.