DANBURY - Despite economic worries among residents of southwestern Connecticut, Congressman Chris Shays and Sen. Chris Dodd believe the market will improve with time.

Dodd met with small business owners in Danbury on Friday to discuss what could be a rocky road ahead for the market. He was hopeful, though, and passed along advice that the market has rebounded from loss like this before and it will again.

?Eighty years ago, the country went through a period like this,? Dodd says. ?The government put money in the banks. There was a lot of hostility and opposition to it, but ultimately it made a difference of letting credit begin to flow, in getting the country back on its feet.?

According to Shays, investors are waiting for the market to hit bottom before diving in.

Both Shays and Dodd have said that the small banking institutions in Connecticut are safe and financially secure for savings and loans.