NORWALK - The IMAX theater owned by the Maritime Aquarium confirmed today it may fall victim to the wrecking ball next year due to a major bridge project.

The state is gearing up to replace the Norwalk River Railroad Bridge, which is a crucial link in the rail corridor.  

Not only does it carry all Metro-North trains, but it also carries all the Amtrak trains between New York City and Boston.

However, the bridge is 120 years old and it gets stuck fairly often, leading to hours of backups all around the Northeast. 

The state says it might have to tear down the IMAX theater, which is next to the bridge, in order to make room for construction equipment. 

The state Department of Transportation is looking to take over 17 possible properties in the NoHo district and hopes to make a decision on the properties in the next few weeks.

Taxpayers would have to pay anyone who loses their property.