NORWALK - State police have taken over the investigation into a ride accident at the Norwalk Oyster Festival this weekend.

Authorities say 23 people were on the "Zumur" swing ride when it malfunctioned on Sunday, and that 18 were hurt. Of those injured, 12 children and one adult were sent to local hospitals. All have since been released.

Witnesses say the swings came to a sudden stop, forcing the victims into the ride's base tower.

Ride owner Richard Stewart, of Stewart Amusement, says the ride has been put out of commission and that he has reached out to the ride's Kansas-based manufacturer. He says the gears inside the drive system locked up and brought the machine to a halt.

Stewart adds that the likely cause of the accident was a mechanical issue, not an operational one. He also says the 30-year-old ride did not lose power, as initially reported by police, and says it passed a state inspection shortly before the festival opened.

For more from the crash scene, watch the clip to the left or click News 12 Extra on Optimum TV channel 612.