NORWALK - State police across New England are teaming up to crack down on speeding.

Gov. Dannel Malloy announced the coordinated "New England Drive to Save Lives" effort Monday. 

All six states in New England are joining forces to reduce speed-related accidents and deaths. Officials are calling the joint effort the first of its kind.

Police will also be on the lookout for seat-belt violations and people who are texting while driving.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says in 2013, Connecticut had 276 deadly accidents on state roads, the most in New England.

Police say they will try to blend in along interstates 95 and 91 this week and expand onto local roads in August.

John Ring, a Connecticut state trooper, says Interstate 95 has become more dangerous over his eight years on patrol.

"Traffic has definitely increased, so with that, the accidents are increasing out here," Ring says.

State police say they will also expand aircraft surveillance as part of the program.