BRIDGEPORT - State employees rallied for their jobs in Bridgeport Thursday to protest plans to close down the city's juvenile detention center.

Gov. Dannel Malloy has called for the 8-year-old facility to be shut down to save the state $11 million, as Connecticut tries to close a nearly $1 billion budget hole.

State worker unions are going on the offensive, saying Gov. Malloy can't keep targeting his own workers.

"The governor, he keeps continuing to lay people off, he's going to have a problem running the state. Just plain and simple, that's the numbers," says Charles Della Rocco, AFSCME union president.

Gov. Malloy says 2,500 jobs will be cut, unless state workers once again offer salary and benefits concessions.

In all, 126 judicial employees across the state received layoff notices Thursday.

News 12 has learned that some local courthouses could close, but the state has not said which ones yet.