GREENWICH - Greenwich's Dr. Daniel Fass says he encourages all of his cancer patients to go out into the world, pursue their passion and live their lives like Steve Jobs, who died yesterday after battling pancreatic cancer for seven years.

Although Jobs was diagnosed with an aggressive form of pancreatic cancer, he still persisted in his career and never took no for an answer.

The form of cancer was very uncommon and had a rare form called an islet-form tumor.

When Jobs was diagnosed, he proceeded to keep it quiet and undergo an alternative therapy for nine months. This delayed a major surgery, a pancreatectomy, which is the removal of the pancreas.

He then had a liver transplant since doctors feared the tumors had spread. If the tumors had spread, his liver might have stopped functioning.

Although specialists speculate that Jobs tried everything to beat the cancer, the cancer returned and his body was eventually no longer able to fight it.