GREENWICH - ? Congressman Jim Himes was back in southwestern Connecticut Thursday to explain what the new $819 billion federal stimulus package passed by the House will mean to the district.

Businesses in Connecticut have been feeling the tight pinch of the economic downfall, and Himes explains that most of the bill is about putting money into the hands of middle-class Americans.

?I came right back to the district because it's important people understand what the government has done, so they get that, and also so they understand there are a lot of funds that are now available,? says Himes.

Himes met with about 25 Greenwich business owners Thursday and says the new stimulus package includes measures to encourage businesses to make capital investments. In addition, it has measures to reduce taxes so employees can be retained and measures to help close budget gaps.

?It's not going to stop all layoffs. It's not going to stop significant budget cutting, but it's going to take some of the pressure off,? says Himes.

Himes says the new plan includes a tax cut for American families. Individuals making less then $75,000 per year will receive a $500 break and households making less than $150,000 per year will receive $1,000.

The stimulus bill will now go to the Senate, where it is expected to face some changes and then it will go back to the House.

Himes says he will be meeting with several other local communities in the coming weeks to get feedback before a final plan is passed.