NORWALK - Stop & Shop stores are introducing handheld scanners to help customers get in and out more quickly, but not everyone is crazy about the idea.

The chain says customers can use the Scan It device to scan a product right off the shelf and then pack it in a bag in their cart. Shoppers just have to swipe their Stop & Shop card and start scanning.

Some shoppers welcome the new technology, but union officials say there's a downside for workers.

?There is no reason to have an interaction with a worker and as a result, there [are] less cashier jobs and bagger jobs,? says Brian Petronella, President of United Food and Commercial Workers Union 371. ?It?s another way to downsize.?

Petronella says the bottom line is always reducing labor costs. One hundred Stop & Shop markets across the nation are now equipped with Scan It. The Norwalk store on Connecticut Avenue should have the new technology up and running soon.