STAMFORD - A business owner in Stamford may be forced out of his store if a plan to change the face of the downtown area is approved.

Charles Yun owns Sport Scape, an urban clothing and shoe store on Atlantic Street, but does not own the building. For the past six months, Yun says he?s dealt with a proposed development that would essentially cut his lease short and force him to relocate. Development talks started in Nov. 2007 and continued throughout January when offers were made. Negotiations stopped in June.

City officials say that major developer Thomas Rich is requesting the area at Summer and Atlantic streets be rezoned. If successful, the developer and investors will build an expansion to the Marriot Courtyard to include a residential living area.

?My goal, my objective was to grow old in this store and hand it down to my children and their children,? said Yun.

The rezoning meeting is scheduled to continue Nov. 17.