RIDGEFIELD - Work crews and Ridgefield residents spent Wednesday cleaning up in the wake of a storm that left more than 5,000 homes and businesses without power a day earlier.

At the highest point, officials say 52 percent of the town was without power. 

The storms were brief but powerful, officials say. Winds reached 90-95 mph, according to the National Weather Service, but they had passed after about 15 minutes.

The winds knocked down trees and power lines, blocking dozens of roads.

Ridgefield's first selectman declared a state of emergency following the storm. He says road crews have now cleared most of the blocked streets.

The fire chief says his department responded to 27 storm-related calls Tuesday night, which included trees that had fallen on cars and homes. He also says one woman was taken to the hospital after a branch fell on her car while she was inside. She is expected to be OK.

Officials say power should be fully restored by Thursday morning.