STRATFORD - One of Connecticut's biggest employers could soon be sold to the highest bidder.

Sikorsky Aircraft's parent company, United Technologies, announced Monday that it will either sell the company or spin it off within a year.

Sikorsky Aircraft is one of the world's biggest helicopter makers, producing the Army's Blackhawk helicopter.

Countless family-owned businesses across the area rely on Sikorsky to stay afloat.

Connecticut's senior Sen. Richard Blumenthal says he is confident that a potential buyer will keep Sikorsky in Stratford.

"The world's greatest workforce producing the world's greatest helicopter is going to continue at Sikorsky, continue to have the benefit of defense purchases," he says.

Aerospace analyst Douglas Royce also thinks that Sikorsky is too entrenched in Stratford for a new owner to move, although some management could be let go.

"It's possible to move the production line, but it would be expensive and you would have to see extremely favorable terms from a different location," he says.

The head of Sikorsky's parent company says he has three very attractive offers on the table, and a sale could be completed within a year.