STRATFORD - Stratford police are charging a man with driving under the influence after he allegedly lost control of his car and slammed into a stone wall in front of a house.

The driver has been identified as 52-year-old Ricardo Flores, of Stratford.

The homeowner, who says he has lived in the same place for his whole life, says the accident was the 20th time a car driving westbound on Knowlton Street left the road and crashed into his wall.

Residents say they heard what sounded like an explosion on impact. The owner says he came out of the house and saw police taking the driver away in a squad car. Two other people in the vehicle left the scene a short while later.

Neighbors say they would like officials to install a speed bump or to increase speed enforcement in the area. They say children and residents often walk and ride their bikes in the area, and they say speeding is a dangerous problem.

Police say Flores is due in court on Oct. 3.