STRATFORD - A group of Stratford parents says school officials are humiliating kids with a new disciplinary program.

Parents say the Make Your Day program is used by only 140 schools in the nation, and Wooster Middle School implemented it this year.

The program assigns students points for good behavior at the end of each class. They must reach 300 points be in good standing for the day. Students' bad behavior is also evaluated on a one to five step system depending on the type of classroom violation.

After a few infractions, a student who has been disruptive must stand in the back of the room and look away from the class as the lesson continues.

The principal of Wooster Middle School says the number of principal visits to classrooms has gone from 696 in 2007 to 218 this year because of the program.

Tony Smith, whose son attends the school, says he and more than 30 parents have signed a petition speaking out against Make Your Day and will present it to the Board of Education.