STRATFORD - Stratford police are looking for a man who stole political signs from a business on Main Street last week.

They say that since the incident occurred, signs have been stolen on two additional occasions. One was outside the Vitamin Shack on Main Street, and the latest was from the Dock Shopping Center this past weekend.  

Both Democrats and Republicans say they've had signs disappear. The candidates say the signs are a chance to get their name and stance out there, and they're wondering if the thief is trying to send a message by stealing theirs.

Officials tell News 12 that they have surveillance video in connection to the stolen signs. They say the surveillance camera didn't catch much during the first incident, but after repositioning the camera at the Vitamin Shack, the thief was caught in the act.

Investigators say the video shows a white male taking off with four political signs on the morning of Oct. 21. They say the same incident took place six days earlier at the same time and location.

Officials say the male was dressed differently on both occasions, so they aren't sure if it's the same person, adding that the consistency with the time leads them to believe that it might be. 

New signs have since been posted at the location.

Police tell News 12 that the man in the video could face trespassing and larceny charges.