STRATFORD - Stratford police are warning residents about a rash of coyote sightings in town.

Police say there have been no attacks, but they are reminding residents to steer clear of the wild animals and watch out for small dogs.

In total, Stratford police say they have received 16 calls in the last few weeks. They say the calls are coming from north of Connors Lane along Huntington Road. Two of the calls came from Deerfield Drive.

Police say a majority of the calls are coming from populated neighborhoods in those sections.

Officials advise residents to not let pets run free and to keep them on leashes. If needed, officials say to attempt to frighten the coyotes by making loud noises.

Police say Animal Control will start using loud air horns early in the morning to scare off the animals if and when they are sighted.

If you see a coyote behaving abnormally, contact police.