STRATFORD - The cost of the bailout in Washington may have staggering numbers, but in Stratford there's another simpler plan afoot called the Bun N' Burger bailout plan.

While much has been said about the troubles on Wall Street reaching Main Street, the local lunch spot is literally on Stratford's Main Street and on Friday offered a 10 percent discount to its customers.

The discount may not change things dramatically, but owner Maureen McLaren says she wants her neighbors to know they're not alone in these uncertain times.

"When you see your bills coming in and it's like, 'How am I going to pay all these?' you really feel like it's only you that's terrified," says McLaren, of Stratford. "When you know that there [are] people that go through that same feeling every day, it's kind of like, 'OK, it stinks for me, but I have people who know how it feels and not being alone is a good feeling.' "

Local contractor Bill Rabineau agrees and has some ideas of his own to further the cause.

"Maybe my mortgage company ? could do the same thing and make my life a little easier," he says.