STRATFORD - Police say a Stratford teacher had a sexual relationship with a student for two years.

Michelle Sulzicki was arraigned in Bridgeport today on several charges, including sexual assault.

According to Sulzicki's arrest warrant, the student involved told his school's social worker about the relationship about a month ago. The teen also thought he may be the father of Sulzicki's baby.

"The investigation showed the relationship dated back about three years, to when the victim was 12 years old," said Stratford police chief Patrick Riden.

Sulzicki was a teacher's aide at the boy's elementary school, Chapel Street. She also was his home tutor.

The boy told police that he and Sulzicki had sex 15 to 20 times over a two-year span, always at his house.

"Outraged and appalled are the only words that can describe these very disturbing allegations," said Dr. Janet Robinson, Stratford superintendent of schools.

Dr. Robinson says Sulzicki is now a special-education teacher at Chapel Street, but she has been on paid administrative leave since police began their investigation.

"As soon as there was an indication of a possible crime, our immediate response was to remove that teacher from any further contact with any of our students," she said.

Robinson says that she is moving forward to have Sulzicki fired.

The arrest warrant shows that Sulzicki eventually admitted to police she had sex with the boy, but said it happened only once.

Stratford police say they have no reason to believe there are any other victims in the case.