MILFORD - Milford police are investigating the theft of several storm drain covers that were ripped off the pavement on Burnt Plains Road Friday morning.

Milford Police Officer Vaughn Dumas says it is not uncommon for metal and aluminum items to be targeted by thieves. According to Dumas, the metal is taken to scrap yards for cash, and with the current state of economy, stealing street grates may become even more common.

?They're getting desperate, I think,? Dumas says. ?Everything's going up in price.?

But Dumas says not only is this dangerous for anyone walking by the gaping holes, but all the work in removing them may not be worth it. Scarp yard dealers made an agreement with local municipalities not to buy items that may jeopardize the safety of residents.

Milford police say it costs $200 to replace each of the covers. They ask all scrap yard dealers to alert them if anyone tries to sell drain covers. Anyone with information about the stolen storm drain covers in Milford is asked to call Milford police at 203-878-6551.