NORWALK - Residents in parts of southwestern Connecticut dealt with power outages Thursday due to high winds whipping through the area.

In Shorefront Park, some residents heard a loud bang and lost electricity at around 9:30 a.m. Neighbors say the wind knocked over a tree, which crashed onto a utility pole and sliced it in half. Those living on the street were shocked when they looked out of their windows to see what happened.

"I was up in my bedroom and the shades were down and I just heard a really loud crash," resident Julie Lucas said. "I opened up the shade and saw that the tree had broken off and ripped off part of the house and the electric wires."

Norwalk police joined South Norwalk Electric and Water crews at the scene. The team cut part of the fallen tree, moved it away from the power lines and installed a new utility pole.

"I never thought in my life this tree was going to hit the ground because if you look around there are very strong trees," resident Mohammed Khan said.