NORWALK - A 17-year-old male was arrested after allegedly making threats to “shoot up” Briggs High School in Norwalk.

Briggs High School tells News 12 Connecticut that the accused student had been suspended from the ACE program classes for weeks. Police say the student returned to Briggs multiple times after applying for the job corps. He allegedly grew impatient with the rate at which his application was being processed. Police say he got into a heated argument Friday with school security and a teacher and reportedly told them "Now, I'm going to have to shoot things up."

Authorities say school security called police, but only after the accused student had already left the building. Parents told News 12 Connecticut that they were concerned with what they called a lack of urgency on the district’s part in apprehending the student after the threat was made.

“I think [the threat] should be taken very seriously and he shouldn't have been let off the premises by himself,” said parent Laurie Senecial.

Police say no weapons were found at the student’s home.

Norwalk School District told News 12 they take every threat very seriously, and that they followed all established procedures.

The student’s name is being withheld due to his status as a juvenile.