BRIDGEPORT - Blackham Elementary School is one of eight schools that Bridgeport Health Department is investigating after 100 to 120 students complained of stomach problems after eating macaroni and cheese Wednesday afternoon.

Gertha Tyson says she was worried about her second- and fourth-graders when they came home ill. ?Today they brought their own lunch from home and that made me feel better because I don't want my kid having food poisoning from school. I really don't [want] that.?

Bridgeport Health Director Dr. Marian Evans says most students have recovered already, but her department is still investigating what it believes was a food-borne illness. ?We've had to take samples of all of the food eaten so it's not only macaroni and cheese. That's one of the things that we know, that many of the people ate at various sites, but there was chicken and mixed vegetables also being served that day.?

The state Health Department is assisting with the investigation.