FAIRFIELD - Sacred Heart University welcomed 108 employers and more than 400 students Wednesday to one of its most anticipated job fairs in recent history.

Students had to get their resumes pre-approved by the school?s career development office to even get in. Seniors like Samuel Colletto, armed with stacks of resumes, were on missions to find employment.

?It?s difficult ? no question,? says Colletto. ?This is the biggest opportunity I?ve had so far ? so I?m hoping for big things today.?

With the troubled economy making it harder and harder to find work, school officials are encouraging students to make sure they are the cream of the crop. Students are advised to finish three internships prior to graduation.

?It?s tough, but what we?re saying to our students is you need to be exceptionally prepared,? says Trish Klauser, executive director of career development. ?You need to start early.?