NORWALK - Parents of students in the Norwalk school district say they were shocked today when Superintendent Dr. Susan Marks announced her resignation. She says that she is leaving due to personal reasons.Dr. Marks was emotional today as she reminisced over her two years as superintendent. She spoke of the grants and new initiatives she advocated during what she calls a "difficult fiscal time." Norwalk school district is currently in the midst of a multimillion-dollar budget crisis and a large amount of school staff members are to be cut as a result.Parent Barbara Smyth says that the timing of Marks' resignation could not be any worse. She tells News 12 Connecticut, "We've all been concerned about this accounting error and an audit moving forward. There's so many issues and to think that we will be without a leader during a time like this is scary." Smyth also says like Marks, she hopes the next leader will know how to work in Norwalk's diverse school system.Chairman of the Board of Education, Jack Chiaramonte, said that he is sad to see Marks leave. "She shows she has deep concern for our kids. The direction that she gave us when she was here was very good, and I for one will be sorry to see her go", he says.Marks' last day on the job is slated to be Aug. 17. In the meantime, she will work with the board to find an interim superintendent and will arbitrate the staffing cuts that need to be made.