NORWALK - A new survey finds that giving mother a thoughtful, handmade gift and relieving her of chores would definitely make her Mother's Day.

The survey by Child's Play Communications finds that expensive gifts aren't necessarily better. So children can skip the jewelry, gadgets and sweets.

Some mothers tell News 12 that they agree. "Dinner cooked and laundry. That would be perfect," says one mother.

Above all else, the survey finds that mothers want a break.

"They go to work, and then they're coming home and they're busy with all the after-school activities. They're putting dinner on the table, all of the obligations," says therapist Leslie Sexer, of Family Centers. "I think moms are feeling really overwhelmed and really want a day off."

Sexer says validating how hard mothers work is a wonderful way for children to show how much they care.